10 Reasons to buy life insurance

Providing secure future, child education, key stages of life along with opting loan against policy are vital reason for buying a life insurance policy.

Loan on insurance policy

Once an insured pays premium regularly for 3 years, he is eligible for getting a loan against his policy.

Key Benefits of Life Insurance

Various benefit a person gets when he takes life insurance. Apart from death benefit, he also gets tax benefit, loan on policy , maturity benefit, etc.

Lapse and paid up in insurance

This article tells about lapse and paid up in insurance. How policy turns to lapse and paid up along with reduced benefits. In lapse policy, benefit gets cease whereas in paid up, it gets reduced.

Charges in ULIP

Unit Linked Polices consist of various charges such as Policy Administration charge , mortality , allocation, Fund management, Fund switch , Discontinuous charge. This article describes various fee taken by an insurance company against ulip polices.

Bonus in Life Insurance

Bonus is additional amount given to insured during death or maturity.
Various types of bonus are Reversionary, Interim, Terminal bonus.